At Stanley Robotics, the robosoft team designs Stan’s brain. The team develops the software embedded in the robot, allowing Stan to receive orders from the administrator, detect cars, take charge of the car and park it autonomously.
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At Stanley Robotics, the mechatronics team designs, tests and develops the structure of the robot. This includes the mechanical structure, the sensor sets and the actuators of the robot, the management of the energy distribution (electric, pneumatic...).

Parking Software

At Stanley Robotics, the parking software is a big part of our technology. From the booking to site control, the software team works to develop parking intelligence: optimisation of vehicle storage, robot movement instructions, interaction with the airport systems and system monitoring are all parts of their daily work.
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illustration pic

Parking Equipment

At Stanley Robotics, the Parking Equipment team is vital in deployment and operation. It's in charge of all the necessary infrastructure for the proper functioning of our service (machine room, garages, communication terminals ...), and also manages the entire carpark perimeter, making it possible to keep the robots away from the public.

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