We made the future yesterday. Let's go further!

AMBITION - We build our project together by taking initiative rather than waiting for permission. We’re not afraid of the future or moving forwards.
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Be a Jedi for others.

SHARING AND SUPPORT – Helping our colleagues and thinking about overeaching goals rather than personal goals. Offer kindness and support to get things moving.

Make it simple, now.

EFFICIENCY – We prioritise quick manufacturing in order to learn from our mistakes and improve our service. We also focus on what is urgent and useful rather than what is secondary.
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Do what you can’t.

LEARNING – We learn to do things we don’t know how to do, and we’re not afraid of failure. We don’t stay within our comfort zone because learning is the most important thing to us.

Own the company.

OWNERSHIP - Stanley Robotics belongs to its employees. Taking responsibility and autonomy are strongly encouraged.
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