No longer need to turn natural soils into concrete anymore

Stanley’s solution enable airports car park operators and car logisticians to reduce their surface by 30% while maintaining the same car storage capacity.
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No need to build heavy infrastructure anymore

With the use of Stanley’s densification solution, global needs for the construction of elevated car parks are reduced, those being highly polluting and harmful for the environment.

Facilitating the growth of electric vehicles

With Stanley, cars won’t need to remain plugged during the client’s entire trip anymore, taking over a spot for much more time than needed: the car is moved to a charging station and stored at the main car park when charged. Electric vehicles owners will feel more comfortable parking their car at the airport.
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Stanley Robotics avoids actions that generate high levels of pollution.

Stop CO2 emissions while looking for an available spot.

The air pollution caused by motor vehicles has persistent and harmful effects on the human health and environment. With Stanley, no more time is spent looking for a place to stay.


No more lightened car parks 24/7.

Unlike humans, robots can operate without any light. As a result, no lighting system is required in the parking.

Stop the use of highly polluting chemicals.

Robots don’t need any floor painting to park cars. Thus, Stanley Robotics solution avoids the use of toxic floor paints.


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