An idea is born

In 2013, Clément and Aurélien were working on a vehicle capable of parking automatically. The technology imagined at the time worked very well but was very expensive. They then quickly met Stéphane, with whom they founded Stanley Robotics. This is when they discovered the existence of car movers, platforms which allow you to move vehicles without starting them. By installing their software into this kind of platform, they managed to mutualise technologies and reduce costs! And instead of equipping cars which are parked 98% of the time, they equipped a robot which spends 98% of its time parking cars.


2015: Stan’s first steps

On the 15th January, 2015, the company was created and the first Stan prototype was quickly developed in France, validating the technical feasibility of the service. These steps lead to Stanley Robotics developing a first project at the end of 2015 with the Paris airports.

2016: the first clients

Stanley Robotics solidified the project with the Paris airports and installed a Stan V2 in the PEF parking lot of the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. The installation was a success and the service handled several hundred users in just a few months.


2017: the world’s first outdoor robot

In light of the success at the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, Stanley Robotics decided to shift up a gear with larger parking lots. Stanley Robotics signed a partnership contract with the Lyon airports to deploy Stan on the external, long-term P5 parking lot.

2018: Public opening at Lyon airport

The high density car storage solution was deployed on a large scale at Lyon airport: 500 spaces, 4 autonomous robots operating simultaneously and 12 cabins to accommodate and return vehicles.


2019: Gatwick airport, first UK airport to deploy Stanley’s solution

Gatwick airport signed a contract with Stanley Robotics. The The high density car storage solution will revolutionise parking at Gatwick.  The new service will be a convenient, personalised experience that will save passengers time, while also reducing vehicle emissions.

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