1) Introduce yourself or the team you work with.

I am the Service Operations manager, and the role of my team is to supervise daily operations and the set up of new sites.

2) What made you want to help during the COVID-19 pandemic?

In good health and fully available, I could bring something to the collective effort to support our health system.

3) Can you tell how did you specifically contribute?

I took part in the laundry logistics at the "Blanchisserie Centrale" (centralized laundry), where all pieces of clothing and bed linen from AP-HP hospitals were gathered to be washed, dried, folded, packaged and sent back. Most of it was automated but where needed human resources were lacking due to both sick leave and increase in loads of pieces to handle. I got inserted in this process and my duties were to put clean work clothes on hangers, or engage clean sheets into the drying lines.

4) Did it have an impact on you and the way to see the world you live in?

The need was clear and immediate, so I stepped in instantly and I know it helped, it feels like my time was well spent. This virus and the measures that followed surprised us all, but seeing how many people were volunteering, it showed that people cared and could react quickly, and this is a good thing that emerged from this crisis. Let's hope that the gaps highlighted will be filled to better face a new crisis of this kind.


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