1) Introduce yourself or the team you work with.

Within SR I work in the Robot team. We design hardware and software solutions to build our robot Stan that will lift up and park cars. I am a Product Owner, meaning I have a transverse job to organize and prioritize our tasks in interaction with other tech teams and client needs.

2) What made you want to help during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I had a lot of free time during the pandemic, and it felt a bit wasted not to giving some back to the community. We are all looking for meaning in our jobs and actions and I lost this feeling during the lockdown.

3) Can you tell how did you specifically contribute?

I registered on the AP-HP volunteers platform and applied to a job in the nearest hospital. I was assigned to give masks and hydro alcoholic gel to patients at Hotel-Dieu's entrance.

4) Did it have an impact on you and the way to see the world you live in?

Even if I did not really replace a nurse or doctor during this mission, I am really happy to have contributed. It helped me get out of my house after so many weeks of lockdown, and realise that life was still going on even if the threat was still around. I met great people, especially security staff that still had to commute and take care of Covid-19 rush in emergencies during the lockdown. I do hope that such jobs and people are better considered in our post-pandemic society.



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