1) Introduce yourself or the team you work with.

I'm the manager of the Robot team. The team is in charge of the R&D of Stan: body (mechanics, electronics) and soul (embedded software)

2) What made you want to help during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I felt like it would be a shame not to take advantage of the great skills we have in the company to serve the people fighting the COVID on the field

3) Can you tell how did you specifically contribute?

I sent a survey on social networks to try and gather the needs from the battlefield! Through this, I got in touch with the ER from Tenon: they were struggling to manage the schedule of the shifts with all the temporary medics that were involved in this rush. So I gathered a small team of volunteers (Michael F, Gautier, Daniele, Pauline, Terence) and we designed and delivered a web scheduling platform for them.

4) Did it have an impact on you and the way to see the world you live in?

We were still quite far from where the crisis was really visible, but we could see that people in hospitals are significantly slowed down by old, rigid processes and tools. I'm more than ever convinced that there are plenty of opportunities for software and robotics to help and remove many of the shortcomings in the health industry.



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