Sebastien began his career as an intern, before being hired by Stanley Robotics at the end of his studies. After 2 and a half years, he decided to give us some feedback on his daily life in the Mechatronics team.

Hello Sebastien, can you tell us about your role at Stanley Robotics? 

I take care of the design, the ease of maintaining and the production of the robot’s entire electronic systems. I am a member of the Mechatronic team specialising in the mechanical and electronic parts of the robot, and more generally its maintenance and manufacture.

My work consists of designing any electronic parts of the robot, so anything that involves power, communication between the different pieces of equipment, the sensors... I’m equally well versed in wireless communication and security.

What do you think makes for a good colleague?

I feel that a good colleague is someone who trusts you and your work and who will feel comfortable handing you the keys. It would be a person who is able to challenge you with constructive notes on your work, without trying to make you look bad, and proposing ways to improve.

What “software” do you use when working as part of the Mechatronics team?

A lot of our work involves the use of CAD software, Solidworks for mechanical tasks and Solidworks Electrical for the electronics.

What does it mean for you to work on robots that involve so much software?

The advantage of robotics, generally speaking, is really to be positioned between software and mechanics because one doesn’t go without the other. I often say that mechanics is to the human body as electronics is to the nervous system, making software its brain. It must be said that no matter which team you work in, you have to think about your work with the other teams in mind.

What could you say to a future candidate who might be hesitant about joining Stanley Robotics? What would be the challenges for them?

I think it’s a really great time to join Stanley Robotics because we’re still a startup. In fact, we’re still managing to avoid becoming as inert as larger companies. The company is developing its structure and industrialising itself well, but the motivation to move forward quickly has not changed.

What makes you most proud to be working at Stanley Robotics?

I started as an intern and changed teams along the way. I am really proud to have always succeeded in appropriating topics and building what exists today. I feel like I have grown at the same speed as Stanley.

I am also proud to imagine myself in five or ten years still continuing to contribute to the success of Stanley Robotics.

If you want to join the Mechatronics team 🛠️🤖 -> it's here!


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