Because we know that job interviews are not always easy, Maud, our Talent Acquisition Manager, explains how the recruitment process typically works at Stanley Robotics and what advice she’d give to candidates.

Can you tell us a bit more about your role at Stanley Robotics and its challenges?

I actually don’t see my role at Stanley Robotics as a job, but more like a mission! And my mission is to find key talent that will help the company to grow at a very quick pace.

We are still in a niche market and it can be a struggle to find engineers with the specific skills we are looking for. Just to give you an idea, developers are head-hunted every day and that is why at Stanley Robotics we focus on being innovative and bringing something different to the table to attract the best candidates.

How does recruiting work at Stanley Robotics?

Recruitment can be a long and exhausting process for both the company and the candidate. At Stanley Robotics we want to be quick and efficient. We hold telephone and face-to-face interviews, but we then
 invite our candidates to spend a day with our team so we can decide whether we will be a good match for one another!

How should a candidate prepare for an interview with Stanley Robotics?

If the candidate is only looking for a salary and an easy job, then we won’t be a good match. Our candidates need to show that they did their homework by reading about us, show an interest in the latest technology in the field of robotics, and also bring examples to the table that will convince us that they have what it takes to join our team.
Most of all, we are looking for candidates who won’t see Stanley Robotics as “just a company they work for” but “the company they work for.”

Since you started at Stanley Robotics, with equal qualifications, what could have helped a candidate stand out more than another one?

The way candidates answer our questions, eye contact and other non-verbal forms of communication can give away a lot about someone. For example, someone may be brilliant at the technical level but might struggle to integrate in a team. We are looking for a good balance between the technical ability of a candidate and their social skills.


What kind of candidates are you currently looking for and is there much competition between companies to attract them?

Right now we are looking for C++ and Java Developers, and also senior Robotics Engineers.

It is important to note that we also have a responsibility to our current employees to ensure that we retain our talent. That is why Stanley Robotics is focused in involving our employees in the decision-making process of the company. We hold regular meetings between employees and senior managers to discuss where the company is going and how the team feels about it. This is a space where everyone can give their views and bring new ideas to the table!

I am open-minded about competition and am trying to create a positive mindset with other companies in the same area so we can work together and share our knowledge.  If other companies are interested in working together, please feel free to drop me a message on LinkedIn!

Last but not least, why would a candidate apply for a position at Stanley Robotics?

We are unique in what we are doing and we are creating a service that is responding to the shortage of space that exists in most airports in the world. Join us on this adventure and let’s make a change together!

Thank you Maud!

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