Welcome to Stanley Robotics' new blog. Firstly, we want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone! It’s been three years since we launched Stanley Robotics and we truly appreciate all your continued support! To have such an enthusiastic fan base already is simply unreal and means everything to the team who have spent years working to bring Stan to life.

At Stanley Robotics this year we decided to spend more time developing our social networks.

During the past three years, we worked hard to create the first outdoor valet parking robot! Now that our dream has come alive, we wanted to take the time to speak not only about everything we’ve learnt but also about what’s going to happen next.

We’ve had quite a busy year:

  • In June, after two wonderful years spent at Agoranov, Stanley Robotics set off on a new adventure. Now settled in the heart of Paris, we’ve moved into an amazing office award with the Urban Preservation Of Monuments

    This year has been an exciting one; we’ve come a long way! We have increased our presence online talking about topics that will give you an insight in our work and topics that we care about, including:

    • Future trends in the field of robotics : Collaborative Robotics, Image Recognition, etc.
    • Major achievements in the car park industry: the optimisation of car park spaces...
    • Us. Of course we have to talk about our own activities : what’s new for us, what events we’re participating in, and what next steps we’re taking...

    We sincerely hope that the content will meet your expectations and we look forward to receiving your feedback.Thanks for stopping by! In the meantime, have a good week and see you very soon!

    Stanley’s team