Robots enable higher storage and logistic process optimisation. In just a few months, the zone is prepared and our robots can optimize your car storage up to 30%. Our solution is dynamic and quickly adapts to your space creation needs to deal with flows.
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Data generation

Thanks to Stanley Robotics solution you can gather large amount of field data and operational information for further operational improvements. You will be able to monitor the status of each robot in detail and do some predictive maintenance.

24/7 operations

Our robots are totally autonomous and allow automated vehicle movements. Every operations are handled during both day and night time.
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What kind of projects are we adressing?

Automated transportation of finished vehicles

We have designed a solution to help you smoothly handle vehicles flows from assembly lines to compounds located near your plants.
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Management of inland logistics or ports compound

From inland logistics compounds to ports compounds, Stanley Robotics provides an efficient added value logistics solution to take up the challenges of the Automotive industry flows.

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