We are optimizing parking space

An intelligent management software coordinates all the robots. It ensures a more pragmatic use of space by arranging up to 50 % more vehicles within a given area.
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We already work with large international airports

Since our launch, we have garnered the interest of large international companies, such as the airports of Paris, the airports of Lyon and the airports of London Gatwick . Other major projects are also being explored with fellow big players in the industry.

Drop off your car

Bright and spacious cabins have been designed for the entrance of the car park to ease your arrival. A free space awaits you. Drop off your car, take out your bags with ease and keep your keys on you.


Validate your reservation

The terminal allows you to verify the information of your flight and confirm the parking in just a few clicks. Once confirmed, the cabin secures your car while waiting for the robot to take over.

The robot takes care of your car

Next, the valet robot comes to take your car. It slides underneath and uses its arms to delicately lift the car by the tires to park it for you.


Your car is parked in a secure parking

The robot takes care of parking the car for you, carrying it over to a free space. The car park is not open to the public - only robots can move around it. This limits the risk of damage or break-in during your stay.

Upon your return, your car is waiting for you

The service is connected to your flight information, so when you return, your car will be waiting for you in a cabin, as if you’ve never left it. No need to search for it anymore - you can go home in a relaxed state of mind.

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Don’t waste time parking

Gone are the days of looking for a space or maneuvering your car, a free and spacious box awaits you to quickly drop off your car. This space was designed to allow for the easy opening of the doors and boot. Your car will never again be dented.
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Easy access to terminals

Getting to the terminals has never been easier – no more long treks in bad weather, the shuttle stop is just a few minutes on foot from the boxes.
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Your car will be waiting for you when you arrive

Our robots prepare your car before you return, ready to leave. All you have to do is get in and drive home.

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